TVC Canada has the technical expertise to support you in all phases of your applications.

Looking for help with a new or existing product? Call Darie Marza, his experience will help keep your network state of the art and satisfy the demands of your customers.

Darie Marza
Applications Engineering Manager
6170 Belgrave Rd
Mississauga, Ontario
L5R 4G8
Cell: 416.315.9594

The Technical Services Group (TSG) was developed through the takeover of the C-COR Electronics Canada Service Center in September 1999.

This group now performs work on various CATV equipment including, but not limited to, line extenders, modems and test equipment. Our technicians can be trained to perform any level of repair, troubleshooting and refurbishment desired by our customers. Based in Mississauga, ON, we provide quick response times for repairs to all customers in Canada. TVC Canada will work with you to determine what specific repairs are required for products. We will then arrange for technician training as deemed necessary.

With our key relationships, national coverage, highly skilled and technically knowledgeable team, and with the market position as Canada's most profitable CATV distributor, we feel we are uniquely qualified to assist you, service and grow your Canadian business. This summary will provide you with a clear understanding of TVC Canada's TSG, with respect to the quality of its people, its current and potential capabilities, and the benefits of a relationship with TVC Canada.

For TSG inquiries, please contact Darie Marza, Application Engineering Manager at or 416.315.9594.

Capabilities of TSG

Warranty and Non-Warranty Repair
Board level swaps, component level repair, refurbishment, detailed specification testing, or simple go/no-go testing can all be performed in our RF calibrated lab.

Field and Installation Services
Our technicians can be asked to perform field service and maintenance. This may dovetail nicely with any of your Canadian requirements, either as the Canadian technical force, or as a complementary group to handle overflow situations. Turn-up and test services, preventative maintenance and field service calls can easily be provided.

Swapout/Spares Program
Consignment spares inventory can be provided in all our warehouses to facilitate rapid response for our customers in the event of a product failure.

Applications Engineering
Done in-house, applications engineering can provide you with a local extension of your own technical applications group. A 1-800# could be provided to customers for such application inquiries.

Maintenance Agreements
Once appropriately trained on your product offering, the TVC services team can provide fulfillment of any maintenance agreements. A variety of services (12, 24, 48 hour) may be offered depending on customer requirements.

Product Training & Installation
We have extensive experience in providing Canada's largest Cable Operators with product training. This may be provide at TVC or customer premises or may also be provided at an alternative venue that better suits the requirements of our mutual customer.

Network and IP Network Design
The Tech Services group have provided many of TVC's customers with design services. A most recent example is the work provided to Quebec's Native Communities Broadband Development Initiative.