There is no need to engage multiple suppliers when TVC can be your one source for planning, integration, implementation, products and delivery. We believe there are several key areas in our supply chain model that make TVC an exceptional end-to-end solution provider.

Ecommerce & EDI

Ecommerce & EDITVC Communications has a variety of VMI and fully-customizable eCommerce solutions to offer our customers. Our MyTVC platform is an effective order management tool that allows you full control of your purchasing process, helps you streamline the approval process and create usage reports to fit your specific needs. Customers can place orders from specific approved product listings, move through their own approval process, and check real-time inventory and shipping information with this easy to use order management system.

TVC offers an extranet site that allows customers access to easily search inventory and track order status and shipping.

We can offer electronic ordering and invoicing through EDI or other eProcurement platforms.

Learn more about MyTVC eCommerce solutions.

For contractors and individual consumers, we have a commercial eCommerce website, hnstools.com, which carries a broad range of quality products, in-stock and ready to ship.

Product Training

Product TrainingTVC Sales and Product Management personnel can provide training and learning opportunities for our customers. Our product managers stay on top of new products, technologies, applications and market trends. We can also provide a more detailed training on specific products by setting up vendor training sessions. In addition, TVC offers WebEx/remote training on many of our products to help our customers make knowledgeable purchasing decisions.

Custom Packaging and Kitting

As companies continue to outsource selected parts of their manufacturing process and continue to Lean their operations, it has become increasingly important to rely on kitting services as cost-saving and time-saving measures. TVC works with our customers to package any of the products that we provide into customized kits to meet specific needs. Some of our standard kits include truck stock, tools and self-installation kit related products for use by field technicians or construction crews.

Customer Service

TVC provides dedicated customer service personnel that have years of real-world and industry expertise to support the unique and varying regional requirements of our customers.

Professionally trained in both technical product information and business best-practices, our customer service personnel are knowledgeable, accessible and responsive.

Because of our global reach, our regional customer service teams are fluent in a variety of languages in order to provide technical and sales assistance support to our customers in specific regions.

Distribution and Material Management

Distribution and Material ManagementTVC has long standing relationships with many key suppliers that allow us to stock and deliver the products where and when our customers need them. We know that project delays can cost money. Our global logistics team works with our customers to determine the most efficient and cost-effective method of delivering shipments. We are constantly reviewing our carrier options to control costs and improve on-time delivery. Our automated inventory management system, vendor managed inventory programs, emergency order expediting and regional stocking facilities means that TVC delivers 98% on-time and claim free shipments per day with a 99% same day fulfillment rate.

Freight, Packaging, and Logistical Support

Our business relies on getting products to our customers in a timely, efficiently packaged and cost effective manner. TVC Freight Services continually evaluates the best methods and carriers to bring our products to our customers, whether through our global small parcel contracts, LTL, or specialty carriers. In addition, customers can request packages, boxes, pallets and truckloads to be packed, sorted and shipped to destinations in a precise manner that meets specific customer needs, including environmentally friendly solutions.