8000 Series1 GHz Distribution Amplifier

General Description : The 8000 Series amplifier is a multiport, two way amplifier using a 2 part aluminum housing (base and lid). Two base models are available;the 8200 Single Output Trunk Amplifier and the 8400 Four Port Distribution Amplifier.The base is a rugged aluminum housing heavily ribbed for heat dissipation, with exterior co-axial connectors, test points and installation mounts. The interior is a one board amplifier with plug in options for equalization, attenuation, RF controls and AC powering. The aluminum housing lid is hinged to the base and interconnects to it through a ribbon cable.The lid contains a +24 VDC power supply.Three lid models are available; either a 35-90 VAC cable powered supply, a 120 VAC or a 240 VAC 60 Hz supply with line cords for interior use. All 8000 Series stations share the same blank mainboard which is wired differently for the 8200 and 8400 models. The station has multiple forward gain options including power doubling, two reverse gains and flexible bandwidths options. Automatic Level Control : The ALC option is a complete unit which carries the coupler for sampling the output RF level, the PIN diode circuit for levelling the RF and the signal processing circuit between them. The PIN diode circuit is arranged in a bridged Tee network that uses a low frequency pivot to simulate the change in cable attenuation with temperature. The ALC input is composite and averages the level of 5 adjacent channels at the end of the analog bandwidth. The operator can order the ALC to sample channels at 450 or 550 MHz The ALC is designated as ALC-xxx where xxx indicates the band edge for the sampling channels.The ALC has an 8 dB (±4 dB) level range and an output accuracy of ±0.50 dB. If the operator chooses not to use the ALC with the amplifier then the RF losses of the coupler and PIN diode circuits remain withihe ALC and allow the amplifier gain to be maximized. Equalizers (GE-xx-yyy) : Forward equalizers are available for 550, 750 and 860 MHz band edges. They are all provided with 2 dB steps in cable length from 2 to 26 dB inclusive. Each equalizer corrects for the length of cable indicated on its label. The high end loss of all equalizers is less than I dB Reverse equalizers are available for a 42 MHz. band edge. They are provided with 2 dB steps in cable length from 2 to 20 dB inclusive. Each equalizer corrects for the length of cable indicated on its label. The high end loss of these equalizers is also less than I dB. All equalizers are designated as LGE-xx-yyy where xx is the equalizer value and yyy is the band edge of 42, 550, 750 or 860 MHz The forward and reverse equalizers were designed -to be used in all Linds Electronics I GHz amplifiers. Attenuators (LGP-xx) : These attenuators are used in the forward and reverse paths of all Lindsay Electronics I GHz amplifiers. They are available in I clB steps from 0 to 21 dB The attenuators are designated as LGP-xx where ix)d represents the value of the attenuator.The 8000 amplifier is equipped with all LGP-OdB attenuators by default. Feeder Makers (LFM-0,4,8) : The Feeder Maker family of plug in components consists of the LFM-0, LFMA and LFM-8. They are installed in two FM sockets on the 8400 model only and provide the signal routing for the distribution outputs.To provide maximum output level flexibility, the LFMO and LFM8 can be installed in the sockets in a normal or reversed position (rotated 1800). While these components can be installed in either orientation, they must be correctly installed to provide the desired output levels.