100 Series Passives

Features: Lindsay’s patented centre conductor seizure mechanism minimizes common path distortion and microreflections. Large contact area with high clamping pressure and direct motherboard transfer increases current handling while eliminating centre conductor distortion and plating fractures. This proven new technology results in increased reliability and signal integrity over time and temperature. Corrosion Resistant Zamak 3 housing ASTM - 117 - 90 SALT/FOG Tested Stripline Technology Large heat shrink areas on all ports Duratron Power Coil System 15 Amps Continuous Replaceable motherboard without disturbing connectors Flexible power routing with removable buss bars Separate EPDM O-Ring, 100% leak tested to 15PSI Hinged lid for non-interruptible maintenance Separate stainless steel EMI Gasket Captive stainless steel lid screws 100% Factory Tested