Little Giant Conquest Ladder

The vast majority of ladder accidents are caused by using the wrong type or size of ladder for the job and by overreaching. The Little Giant Conquest™ is designed specifically to help professionals who need to be mobile to avoid these common problems.

Its wide-flared base provides much more lateral stability than straight-sided step or extension ladders, preventing many accidents caused by overreaching, while its adjustable straight side allows you to easily and safely access attics and roofs. The Conquest is engineered with the latest non-conductive fiberglass technology—an exclusive, lightweight, strong composite that resists UV damage longer than ordinary ladders. You can use the Little Giant Conquest in dozens of unique configurations, including A-frame, extension, and 90-degree ladders. It literally replaces several sizes of stepladders and extension ladders; and unlike any other ladder, the Conquest allows you to work safely on stairs.

The Conquest’s weight-balance carrying handle also makes it much easier to get where you need to go.

Ordering Information

Part NumberModelLadder Size Min/Max
15144174' - 7'
15144-186*174' - 7'
15146225' - 9'
15146-186*225' - 9'
*Note - this includes V-bar.