Little Giant Hyperlite Ladder

Offering an extremely lightweight design, the Little Giant Hyperlite ladder was designed to help reduce ladder-related injuries. With its patent-pending design, the ladder weighs up to 40% less than the leading competitor’s standard fiberglass ladder. Yet, despite the ladder’s lightweight, this model offers exceptional strength and stability.

Improving Safety

Extension ladders have a reputation for being so heavy that they cause weight-related injuries to those who use them. Common injuries related to the use of heavy extension ladders include ankle sprains, torn rotator cuffs, herniated disks and torn knee ligaments. The lightweight design of this ladder helps to prevent these injuries, while the patent-pending Sure-Set foot system allows the feet of the ladder to be placed in either a flat or spiked position in order to ensure the ladder remains safely in place.

Increasing Comfort

With its wide rungs, this model helps to increase user comfort by reducing foot fatigue. The ladder also features the Little Giant exclusive nonconductive Hi-Viz green rail, which has been scientifically proven to be the most visible color in the world. Using this color on the ladder helps to ensure it is seen by passersby, which helps to reduce the risk of someone walking into the ladder or driving into it while it is in use.

The Little Giant Hyperlite is available in 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 and 40-foot lengths with a heavy duty Type 1A rating for up to 300 pounds and in 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32-foot lengths for the special duty Type 1AA rating for up to 375 pounds.


  • Lightweight patent-pending design helps prevent common injuries like torn rotator cuffs, herniated disks, ankle and knee ligament tears from loading and unloading or carrying heavy traditional extension ladders
  • Nonconductive fiberglass construction provides additional safety while working around electricity
  • Patent-pending HyperLite weighs up to 40 percent less than ordinary fiberglass extension ladders without sacrificing strength or stability, depending on size
  • Approximately 20 percent† more rigid than ordinary extension ladders
  • Roof line indicator for quick, safe setup
  • Convenient side-to-side level bubble help ensure a safe setup (Type 1A)
  • Wide, flat, slip-resistant rungs provide great comfort and reduce foot fatigue
  • Solid-riveted plate rung construction is stronger, more durable, and easier to replace
  • Side-mounted, dual-pulley system reduces the effort required to raise the fly section by 45 percent and removes the trip hazard caused by traditional center-pulley rope systems
  • Braided rope is larger, softer and more durable than ordinary ladder rope
  • Interlocking side rails with internal rail guides on both the bottom of fly section and top of base section for easy glide during operation
  • No protruding external guides in the way as you ascend and descend
  • Spring-assisted heavy-duty extruded aluminum rung locks for smooth, secure operation
  • Patent-pending Sure-Set™ foot stays in position when you set it to either flat nonslip rubber shoe or spike mode for soft surfaces (Type 1AA)
  • Sure-Set foot is easy to replace using common tools (Type 1AA)
  • Ladder feet are set in spike position (Type 1A)
  • Engineered nail notch in the shoe allows you to secure the ladder to prevent slide outs for added peace of mind
  • Heavy-duty swivel foot (Type 1A)
  • Patent-pending Hi-Viz green rail prevents catastrophic accidents caused by people who walk or drive into an extension ladder while in use
  • The patent-pending Ground Cue™ prevents injuries by signaling the user when it is safe to dismount the ladder
  • Rail shield bracket and shoe protects fiberglass rails from damage and weather
  • High-strength polymer molded leg brace for increased stability
  • Co-molded nonslip rubber wall pads protect working surfaces and provide superior stability
  • Weather-resistant UV-inhibiting compound in fiberglass resin for extended outdoor use
  • Complies with all OSHA, ANSI A14 strength and testing standards. Rung/step spacing complies to OSHA and Int’l standards including *OSHA 1910.23, OSHA 1926.10.53, CSA Z11, EN131-1, AS/NZS 1892.2.6.2
  • 1-year limited warranty