Wirewerks Keywerks™ FastPunch Tool

The Keywerks™ FastPunch™ tool is specifically designed to terminate Keywerks jacks. Compared with a standard impact tool, the FastPunch tool reduces termination time and also drastically reduces the installer’s hand fatigue. With one single squeeze, the FastPunch tool terminates 8 conductors of a UTP cable at the same time it cuts excess wire and insulation.


  • Terminates UTP cables with a single push
  • Reduces installer hand fatigue
  • Cuts down on termination time
  • Allows close-to-surface termination
  • Automatically cuts off wire and insulation excess
  • Ergonomic handle for easy gripping
  • Provided with one ready to use blade and one replacement blade
  • Aluminum alloy lightweight frame
  • Lockable handle