Viavi VSA (Video Service Assurance) Platform

Scalable, virtualized solutions providing comprehensive network intelligence and visibility

The video service assurance (VSA) platform is a highly cost-effective, scalable solution for IP and cable TV that gives visibility at every strategic and critical network location. It combines video assurance monitoring software with commercially available, off-the-shelf hardware to create easily deployable points of presence in headends, networks, and end-user devices. The platform addresses the most demanding assurance and analytics applications requirements. Its’ extremely efficient data collection, state-of-the-art flow, and transaction analytics engine, combined with in-memory processing for all analysis and correlation functions, add unparalleled scalability. Extremely flexible service modeling and policy management capabilities let VSA components easily scale as needed when adding new network device types, types of services, or service level agreements (SLAs).

Key Benefits

  • Reduce churn by identifying issues before customer call-in and speeding MTTR
  • Reduce OpEx by eliminating truck rolls for headend and hub certification and troubleshooting
  • Reduce CapEx by scaling with software rather than hardware
  • Verify and document conformance to regulatory requirements
  • Streamline workflows using the open platform’s powerful APIs to integrate with in-house systems

 Key Features

  • Powerful headend monitoring identifies issues impacting the video MOS
  • Integrated MPEG monitoring identifies transport and encoding problems
  • Integrated video protocol analyzer troubleshoots tough problems
  • Access is available via 1/10 G Ethernet, ASI, and RF for monitoring across the network
  • Simultaneously monitors thousands of programs using off-the-shelf hardware