UCM4540B Digital QAM Modulator/Upconverter

The UCM4540B is designed for Digital video on demand applications. It is comprised of a single versatile QAM Modulator and QAM Upconverter. The fully digital modulator may be configured for QPSK, 16, 32, 64, 128, or 256 QAM operation. The input MPEG2 Transport streams are encoded for error correction, modulated and upconverted into 6 or 8 MHz bandwidth channels in the 53 to 858 MHz frequency range. The RF output level is +61 dBmV maximum. The UCM4540B is remotely controllable over a serial RS232, RS485, Terminal and optional SNMP. Full control of the unit, including output frequency and level as well as modulator parameters such as modulation type, symbol rate, excess bandwidth, encoding, etc. is accomplished via the front panel or Vecima Networks' remote software. Status and alarm data can also be viewed either from the front panel or remotely. It offers a very compact solution for digital video applications on a cable system. Product Features - Independent QAM Modulator and Upconverter in a 1U chassis - Fully agile upconverter covers entire frequency range of 53 to 858 MHz - Fully synthesized tuning for drift free operation (12.5 kHz step size) - Selection of data inputs including DVB parallel/synchronous serial, and DVB-ASI - Both DVB, DAVIC (ITU-T J.83 Annex A) and Digicipher II™ (ITU-T J.83 Annex B) encoding standard - Includes nonvolatile memory to save configuration through power down and power loss - Local control via LCD and 4 soft touch push buttons - Programmable, remotely controllable units using RS232, RS485, Terminal or optional SNMP - Highly reliable design using Microstrip MMIC and surface mount technology