Arc-Tested Sun Brim

Snap Brim's Arc-Tested Sun Brim is a high quality, single-piece, durable sun brim designed for comfort and durability. It was designed by a former Workplace Health and Safety Equipment Specialist with over thirty years experience. It's lightweight to eliminate long-term wearer fatigue and weather-resistant. 

Additional Product Features:

  • Arc Tested to ASTM F2178 Standards:
    • Up to 33 cal/cm² - No Melt and No drip
    • Up to 44 cal/cm² - No Ignition
  • Maximum Protection - Detachable, flame-resistant Nomex® Neck Flap for max UV protection
  • Easy, Fast, Hassle-Free - Attaches / Detaches in Seconds
  • Durable - Remove and re-attach multiple times without risk of breaking
  • Long Lasting - lasts an average of 1-2 years with regular use
  • Full-Brim or Cap-Style - Specify hard hat style when ordering