Lanyard Attachment Monitoring System BT60ni Fasten Tracker

The OEM Data Delivery Fasten Tracker™ Lanyard Attachment Monitoring System is available for all Non-Insulated Aerial Lifts/MEWP.

The System will deliver an immediate reminder warning alarm to the lift operator who is not safely attached to the designated anchor point prior to lift operation. An optional feature will log data of lanyard attachments, detachments, Up switch activations by lift operator and deliver safety violation notifications.

  • Verifies safety lanyard attachment to anchor point.
  • Delivers warning alarm reminder if operator is not attached with PPE prior to lift operation.
  • Optional feature logs lift operator fall protection activity and will send safety violation notifications.
  • Does not impede or interrupt factory designed functionality of aerial lift/MEWP.
  • Maintains 100% of factory designed reliability of aerial lift/MEWP.
  • Quick and easy 45-minute installation. No drilling or permanent mounting necessary.
  • OEM Controls Data Delivery will develop individual system specifications in conjunction with parameters of any MEWP manufacturer.

The BT60ni (non-insulated) Fasten Tracker
mounts easily onto the aerial lift and utilizes power from the host vehicle.

Mounting kit for the Fasten Tracker is included.

See spec sheet and video attached for additional information.