Klein Hard Hats

Klein hard hats are built for optimal safety, comfort and fit.

Available in Class E, Type 1 non-vented cap style and full brim and Class C, Type 1 vented cap style and full brim, there is a configuration to fit any of your work environment needs.


  • Pivot adjustment allows user to position the ratchet mechanism to clear pony-tails or bandana knots
  • Replaceable, top comfort pad
  • Ratchet adjustment allows for easy one-handed adjustment, even with gloves on
  • Rear neck pad
  • Flexible, open-frame design
  • Replaceable sweatband
  • Chin strap adjustment points.

Standard on some configurations, and sold as an option on other configurations, is a detachable magnetic worklight that allows quick release without removing the hard hat and can be mounted to any metal surface to add extra visibility on the job site.

Klein hard hats can be custom ordered with your logo and to fit your specific color choice.

Ordering Information

Catalog NumberClassTypeDescription
60100E1Cap Style, non-vented, White
60107E1Cap Style, non-vented w/headlamp, White
60900E1Cap Style, non-vented w/headlamp, Orange
60400E1Full Brim, non-vented, White
60406E1Full Brim, non-vented w/headlamp, White
60105C1Cap Style, vented, White
60901C1Cap Style, vented w/headlamp, Orange
60401C1Full Brim, vented, White
60407C1Full Brim, vented w/headlamp, White