Wolf Sealing Cushions

The flat tube cushion is made of a five-layered aluminum laminate. The high quality of both material and processing guarantees a very low diffusion/leak rate of ~ 0.73 mbarl / year and ensures a long service life.

In order to be able to fill the sealing cushion several times (4 times), a patented metal air valve with a plastic-coated valve extension is connected to the sealing cushion by means of a heat-seal welding process. The pressure is filled via a pressure hose, which is plugged onto the sealing cushion to fill the car valve. After the pressure has been filled, the valve is sealed pressure-tight with the valve cap.

  • Resistant to chemical mixtures pH2 to pH12
  • High-quality aluminum laminate ensure long service life and protection from contamination
  • Coated with swelling material, diminishing the need for adhesives
  • Easily inflatable with compressed air


Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
MXCRTBVL50Inflatable Seal Temperature Range +5°F to +86°F - 2" Innerduct Diameter
MXCRTBVL80Inflatable Seal Temperature Range +5°F to +86°F - 3" Innerduct Diameter
MXCRTBVL100Inflatable Seal Temperature Range +5°F to +86°F - 4" Innerduct Diameter
MXCRTBVL125Inflatable Seal Temperature Range +5°F to +86°F - 5" Innerduct Diameter