Wirewerks’ NextSTEP™ Distribution Frame (NSDF)

Wirewerks’ NextSTEP™ Distribution Frame (NSDF) is a modular optical fiber distribution frame (FDF) designed to install in any standard 19" rack/cabinet. The modular design allows customers to source and supply their own preferred brand/spec of 19" rack/cabinet from their local supplier. Additionally, the modular design approach and use of locally sourced racks/cabinets dramatically reduces project lead-times, with NSDF blocks ready to ship as you grow.

Each NSDF block provides complete fiber connectivity and vertical cable management within the 19" rack/cabinet width while offering the highest fiber density per in/2 of footprint in the industry today.

The NextSTEP™ Distribution Frame is a fully integrated component within Wirewerks’ NextSTEP Technology™ fiber management system. This means that the NSDF accepts any NextSTEP fiber management module, utilizes NextSTEP cable management accessories, and may be co-located with any other type of NextSTEP rack mount patch panel for custom-designed fiber management solutions to suit any application or environment.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
NSDF-W6U1NextSTEP Distribution Frame 6U Block, 144/288F
NSDF-T4U1NextSTEP Distribution Frame Top Mgmt, 4U
NSDF-B3U1NextSTEP Distribution Frame Bottom Mgmt, 3U
NSDF-W44UNextSTEP Distribution Frame 1728F