Wirewerks NextSTEP™  1U Patch Panel

Wirewerks’ NextSTEP™ 1U Rack Mount Patch Panel features an industry-first horizontal slot design for mounting slide-in NextSTEP Fiber Modules and cassettes. Each horizontal slot is ‘stepped’ (offset) from adjacent slots, providing easy physical and visual access to any individual fiber module without disrupting other modules or fibers co-resident in the same panel.

NextSTEP 1U Patch Panels feature unrestricted front and rear access for easy installation and maintenance. The guide-rail system that secures each slide-in/out module into place features ‘click in-place’ stops that indicate when a module is properly seated in its correct operational position as well as partially withdrawn positions for easy technician access.

NextSTEP 1U Patch Panels are compatible with all NextSTEP Fiber Modules, and accept up to twelve (12) single-slot modules in any combination in any slot position. NextSTEP Modules slide in or out from the front or rear of the panel without tools -- making installations, MACs, and maintenance fast, easy and cost-effective.

Fiber counts in 1RU for typical configurations include up to 144F with LC/SC-Patch or Distribution Modules; up to 288F with Splice Tray Modules; and up to 1,152F with MPO Adapter Strip Modules.