Drop Node Service Cable

Wirewerks pre-terminated drop node service cable connects the optical node to the backbone fiber in a CATV environment.

Its design fits Aerial, Pedestal, and Vault applications. It features a rotational nut to avoid cables twists and enables a quick and easy installation. It is weather tight sealed and is offered with fiber counts from 2 to 12 fibers.

These products can be terminated with all industry standard connectors.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
WNC-N9S06SCA-001020Drop Node Service Cable, 20m long
WNC-N9S06SCA-001030Drop Node Service Cable, 30m long
WNC-N9S06SCA-001005Drop Node Service Cable, 5m long
WNC-N9S06SCA-001010Drop Node Service Cable, 10m long
WNC-N9S06SCA-001015Drop Node Service Cable, 15m long