Antronix MoCA Enhanced 8+1 Equalized VoIP Residential Amplifier

With MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) having widespread deployment for high speed in-home networking, this amplifier has enhanced performance in the MoCA band to optimize the data rates for video sharing, multi-room DVR service, video conferencing and other MoCA applications.

The amplifier has eight amplified output ports and a reliable passive VoIP port, which maintains RF integrity even when power is disrupted to the amplifier. The passive VoIP port provides a MoCA path to the amplified output ports to ensure full MoCA compatibility.

This amplifier utilizes the Antronix patented CamPort® Auto-Seizing F-Port.

  • Optimized RF performance in the MoCA band ensures maximum data rates for MoCA enabled devices
  • Integrated MoCA point of entry filter prevents MoCA signals from interfering with adjacent subscribers
  • Internal Cable Equalizer provides 4.5dB of tilt compensation associated with standard cable loss
  • Passive VoIP Port for Critical Voice Service
  • Self-Terminating Internal Switch
  • 6 kV Combination Wave Surge Protection
  • Powder Coated Aluminum Housing

Ordering Information

TVC Part #Manufacturer Part #DescriptionCase PackInner Pack
MVRA936EQACMVRA936EQ/ACAmplifier, MOCA VoIP, 8+1 Output 5 dB Forward Gain, 4.5 dB Equalization, with 120 VAC Power Supply   
ARPI2000ARPI-2000Power Inserter for Remote Powering of Drop Amplifiers 5025