Powertec Solutions, NXG-Vision Micro UPS, PS18L-U7

Introducing the World’s smallest Vdc UPS, the NXG-Vision Micro UPS is designed to supply continuous commercial and standby power to 12VDC Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). The NXG-Vision Micro UPS is rated for use with all CPE devices 12VDC 18 Watts (1.5 Amps) or less and offers a unique design for stationary in home CPE devices or portable battery backup for trouble shooting, test and turn up of CPE devices anywhere within the network. The NXG-Vision Micro UPS can be partnered throughout the home or small business to support one or multiple optical network terminals (ONT), optical network units (ONU), access points, wireless modems, routers, and embedded multimedia terminal adapters (eMTA). Designed for hours of battery backup during electrical outages, the NXG-Vision Micro UPS also offers an integrated Battery Management System (BMS), L-Ion Technology, audible and visual alarming, user replaceable battery pack, remote signal alarming (telemetry), and 5 year warranty.

  • Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH, FTTP, FTTx)
  • Customer Premise Equipment
  • VoIP Backup
  • Cable Modems (eMTA)
  • Portable Power
  • Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU)
  • Single Family Unit (SFU)
  • Wireless Local Loop