Lectro ZTT/Plus™ UPS Series

When it comes to unparalleled reliability, clean power and instantaneous backup for broadband providers, the MSO’s first choice is the Lectro ZTT/Plus UPS series. With solutions covering all input and output combinations, Lectro has the right product for your needs. The ZTT/Plus began a new generation of microprocessor based UPSs units, which combine the latest in digital technology with the reliable performance of a ferroresonant transformer. Enhancements include fewer parts, higher efficiencies and an LCD panel that provides up-to-the-minute status reporting of the UPS system. Following an outage, the ZTT/Plus delivers a constant 6 amp charging current under all load and line conditions. In the event of a short, the output is protected by a software-controlled circuit breaker that cycles to protect downstream network amplifiers. The ZTT/Plus employs a hot swappable inverter module in a rugged enclosure for easy field maintenance without interrupting network operations. Standard features on the ZTT/Plus UPS include the LCD panel, battery cables and a front access DIN port for direct connection to various third party transponders. · Zero Transfer Time to standby means your network is unaffected by network outages. · Digital LCD Panel provides true RMS readings without using separate hand-held meters. · Modular construction for inverter hot swap capability without shutting down the network. · Field Upgradeable: 60, 75, or 90 VAC output provides installation flexibility. · High efficiency operation provides optimum thermal performance and reduced utility costs. · Rugged and robust ferro capable of handling 200% short duration overloads.