Lindsay Broadband’s DOCSISLoop is a RCA DCM425 Cable modem in a surge hardened weatherproof box, complete with power supply, test-points, and separate pad sockets for forward and reverse paths. It is used for end of line status monitoring.

All of the following features are included:

  • Important line quality indications such as Received Signal Strength, Signal to Noise Ratio, and Bit Error Rate
  • Easily accessed via Web Browser or SMTP
  • Quick and easy connection at any power-passing tap, or as a network termination

An HFC Interface that you would expect from a world-renowned CATV equipment provider:

  • A rugged die cast aluminum housing of clamshell design is used
  • Dual gaskets provide for EMI isolation and a weather-tight seal
  • Forward and reverse test-points
  • Separate Forward and reverse padding
  • Surge protection