DOCSIS™ - HMS Power Supply TransponderPower supply transponders interface with HFC standby power supplies to provide communications to centralized Element Management Systems (EMS) that:
· Monitor critical performance parameters;
· Control operational modes and test processes;
· Store management data.

Electroline’s DHT-PS Transponder interfaces with a standby power supply. It provides the communication channel, using the HFC cable network, between the remotely located power supplies and a computer running the Network Management Software.

The DHT-PS Transponder is not a typical power supply transponder. It implements DOCSIS™ cable modem technology in its physical media interface to the network, specifically the Physical (PHY) and Media Access Control (MAC) layer protocol. This is achieved with standard, readily available DOCSIS™ integrated circuits.

The DHT-PS Transponder uses the DOCSIS™ PHY/ MAC protocol to its advantage, benefiting from a more reliable communication channel, compared to other alternative technology, and making efficient use of existing headend equipment.

No headend controllers are required since the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) found in most systems provides the gateway to the HFC network. Thus, the system operator avoids the substantial costs incurred for network management solutions requiring specialized headend controllers.

The DHT-PS-NA-02 model, together with the HMS compliant power supply, implements HMS standard MIBs and vendor specific MIBs.

There is no need to reserve a channel frequency pair for the management function since the transponder communicates management information inband with cable modem data.

· Proven technology with millions of DOCSIS™ integrated circuits installed in cable modems
· Any SNMP or SCTE HMS compliant network management software system can be used as the central or distributed management system
· Compliant with the SCTE HMS022 interface (DHT-PS-NA-04 model)
· Interoperable with various CMTS models
· Monitors, controls and alarms
· DOCSIS 2.0 certified by Cablelabs

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