ARRIS Opti Max OM1111 Single Output Optical Node

The ARRIS Opti Max™ OM1111 provides cable operators with a compact, single high output node to service small subscriber groups, small/medium business customers, and MDU’s.

The OM1111’s 1 GHz bandwidth enables cable operators to increase downstream capacity for HDTV, Video on Demand, VoIP, high speed data/internet, and other value-added services. Return bandwidth options extend to 85 MHz to support additional revenue generating service offerings. CWDM transmitters allow multiple nodes to be combined onto a single fiber with ruggedized optical passives, maximizing the optical spectrum that is available in fiber-scarce architectures.

The OM1111’s 9-LH 2-port housing base is backwards compatible with a wide range of Phillips, C-COR, and ARRIS line extender Flex Max® 320/321 and MMLE line extender amplifier housings. Operators can utilize amplifier to node upgrades as an effective cascade reduction tool. The OM1111 housing lid has an extended depth that can manage two separate fiber service cable entries. The node’s fiber tray has two tiers, which manage separate fiber entry service cables in the lower level and optical bulkheads and ruggedized optical passive devices in the upper level.

  • 1 GHz GaN technology delivers higher output and enhanced reliability for last mile and fiber deep designs
  • Supports CWDM, DWDM, and CORWave® multi-wavelength technologies
  • Lid upgrades enable Philips amplifiers to be seamlessly converted to nodes for cost saving cascade reductions
  • Supports 1310/1550 nm DFB and CWDM transmitters technologies for flexible network designs
  • Premise powering option enables hospitality installations and new revenue opportunities