Rapid Fiber Panel Series

The Rapid Fiber panel serves as a key distribution point between the electronic equipment and the main optical distribution frame and offers service providers unmatched savings in installation time, labor costs and performance.

Rapid Fiber panels utilize unique RapidReel fiber cable spools to deploy dual 12-fiber microcables - so the cable is always the right length. Available in 100' increments (up to 1000'), the microcable terminates to a single fiber breakout (SC or LC) or MPO which enables a plug-and-play connection to the main distribution frame or other point of connection. Stub-end cable options are available for splicing at the far end. 

The Rapid Fiber panel's combination of microcable, RapidReel spooling and connector technology in a single panel not only relieves cable congestion but also simplifies the ordering and inventory of equipment. The panel also features  industry-leading cable management; providing bend radius protection, intuitive cable routing paths and excellent physical protection for optimal network performance.

Panels are available with SC or LC connectors on the front, singlemode or multimode, and Indoor/Outdoor or Plenum microcable with single fiber breakouts (SC or LC), MPO’s or stubs on the far-end.

Additional Features:

  • Reduces site survey costs by eliminating the need to precisely measure IFC cable lengths. In many cases, the cost of a site survey can be eliminated.
  • Reduces fiber cable congestion – fiber is always the right length between intermediate fiber panel and Optical Distribution Frame.
  • Facilitates worry-free installation of fiber with a robust micro-cable that is easier to handle.
  • Provides simplified back office with fewer SKUs to order, track and process for invoices.
  • Decreases lead-time from 4-6 weeks to 0-2 weeks (can potentially be deployed in one day).
  • MPO connector enables more consistent use of fiber patch cord lengths between the equipment and intermediate fiber panel.
  • Reduces splice cost by eliminating 12 individual patch cord connections at one time
  • Ensures better labor force utilization by using standardized industry connectors and cleaning methods