Opti Max4100 1 GHz Fully Segmentable Node

Opti Max4100 — The Opti Max4100 is a fully segmentable 1 GHz node featuring high port-to-port isolation that is critical for today’s triple play services over the same network, as well as ‘pay as you grow’ modular options that include a variety of return path technologies. Features Industry’s first 1GHz node with pay-as-you-grow 4 x 4 segmentation High port to port isolation allows unique content on each port Advanced fiber tray accommodates up to four optical passives for CWDM applications Four active high outputs suited for fiber deep applications Power and optical redundancy for telephony and data applications Low cost of entry, standards-based element management solutions Options currently available 42/54, 55/70, or 65/85MHz frequency splits Eight ITU G.695 compliant analog and 2:1 TDM digital 42/54 bandsplit CWDM transmitters (1471–1611nm, 3dBm) to expand capacity on existing fiber infrastructure 1310nm and 1550nm transmitters (3dBm) 1 x 4 configuration scalable to 4 x 4 forward and return segmentation, featuring optical forward and return redundancy in both 1 x 4 and 2 x 2 configurations Single or dual powering –20dB internal or external testpoints Return ingress switches HMS or AM protocol Value Max transponder or Tollgrade protocol transponder with standard RX/TX frequencies