Flex Max901e 1 GHz Trunk and Bridger Amplifiers

Flex Max901e — Flex Max901e 1 GHz trunk and bridger amplifiers are designed to overcome the higher insertion losses of coaxial cable and passives and to ensure cost-effective new designs and drop-in upgrades of existing 750 and 862 MHz networks. Features 1 GHz technology –20dB and –25dB internal and external testpoints Enables drop-in system upgrades to FlexNet 700, 800, 900, and 901 series housings without the need for respacing Accepts all C-COR legacy 750 and 870MHz EQs and cable simulators Accessory insertion guides ease installation Frequency split upgradable Supports digital or analog ALC pilot frequencies Field replaceable power supply Options currently available 42/54, 55/70, and 65/85MHz frequency splits Factory aligned for 1GHz specifications, but can be deployed into 750/870MHz applications with field accessible plug-ins Trunks with 38dB forward gain and bridgers with 48dB forward gain Expanded ALC pilot selection to match existing system designs Trunk with 2 bridger outputs—user config. to 4 outputs with internal or external testpoints Bridger with 2 outputs—user config. to 4 outputs with internal or external testpoints 2.3A, 90V, 50/60Hz, high efficiency transformerless power supply 6-port, 1GHz housing with optional 90° access ports for cabinet installations Standard or corrosion protected housing Return ingress switches HMS or AM protocol Value Max transponder